ICSC 88th session

The ICSC 88th session will take place in New York from 18th Mar 2019 to 29th Mar 2019.

Programme of work of the International Civil Service Commission for 2019–2020

1. Resolutions and decisions adopted by the General Assembly and the legislative/governing bodies of the other organizations of the common system.

2. Conditions of service applicable to both categories of staff:

(a) Career development;

(b) Standards of accommodation for air travel.

3. Conditions of service of the Professional and higher categories:

(a) Base/floor salary scale;

(b) Evolution of the United Nations/United States net remuneration margin;

(c) Review of staff assessment rates used in conjunction with gross base salaries;

(d) Comprehensive assessment report, including a global staff survey, on the United Nations common system compensation package;

(e) Post adjustment issues: status reports on the review of the post adjustment system, reports of sessions of the Advisory Committee on Post Adjustment Questions and agendas for the forty-second and forty third sessions of the Advisory Committee;

(f) Review of implementation of recruitment incentive;

(g) Relocation shipment: review of ceiling;

(h) Education grant: review of scale and level of boarding lump sum;

(i) Hardship allowance: classification methodology and review of level;

(j) Mobility incentive: review of level;

(k) Non-family service allowance: review of level.

4. Conditions of service of the General Service and other locally recruited categories:

(a) Review of salary survey methodologies;

(b) Surveys of best prevailing conditions of employment in Kingston.

5. Conditions of service in the field:

(a) Danger pay: review of level;

(b) Security evacuation allowance: review of level.

6. Monitoring of the implementation of the decisions and recommendations of the International Civil Service Commission and the General Assembly by organizations of the United Nations common system.